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Heavy fire season in Sydney sparks smoke ahead of season

Heavy fire season in Sydney sparks smoke ahead of season

under control

The contained fire was burning on the outskirts of Sydney and air pollution in some parts of the city was comparable to Beijing or New Delhi.

Burn to avoid uncontrollable fire. It’s a strategy adopted by Australian firefighters who have tackled wildfires ahead of what promises to be an intense fire season. Sydney It was later seen under a cloud of smoke on Wednesday morning. Conclusion: The Atmospheric pollution It was comparable in some parts of the city Beijing Or New Delhi. Residents were asked to close their windows and stay indoors as much as possible.

NSW Rural Fire Service inspector Ben Shepherd said about 30,000 hectares of land had been burnt in the state since the start of July. “After two or three very wet years, it’s fair to say bushfire danger is back in New South Wales,” he told AFP.

A season that promises to be complicated

Officials predict the fire season will be very intense Australia Since the “Black Summer” of 2019-2020, massive, out-of-control fires have raged along the east coast of the big island continent.

Since then, conditions have been unusually wet, which has helped trees grow faster, increasing the amount of fuel available. According to the Australian National Bureau of Meteorology, the southern summer is expected to be “warmer and drier than average”. He confirmed that the country recently experienced the warmest winter on record.