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He paid $26,000 to sleep for 60 days in a bed, upside down

He paid $26,000 to sleep for 60 days in a bed, upside down

Volunteers are asked to spend 60 days in a tilt bed, with their head down, to receive compensation of more than $26,000 as part of a clinical study.

The project, part of a clinical study currently being prepared in Toulouse, France, aims to evaluate the benefits of physical exercise in microgravity, where cycling sessions are included.

Those in charge of the project are seeking to find solutions to confront the harmful effects of the lack of gravity that astronauts suffer in particular, according to what the newspaper “La Depeche” reported on Tuesday.

The study, which was conducted at the request of the French Space Agency and the European Space Agency, included twelve volunteers during the first phase, and was supervised by 14 European scientific teams.

The second phase entitled BRACE, which will take place from February to May 2024, proposes to evaluate physical activity in centrifugation to compensate for the effects of microgravity, which are reproduced by the inclination of a hospital bed.

The required candidates must be between 20 and 45 years old, non-smokers, engage in regular sports activity, and have no allergies or dietary restrictions, according to the conditions set by the researchers.

Successful candidates must be available for 88 days, including 60 days of hospitalization in a bed tilted at -6 degrees, but will be compensated for their participation in the study at more than $26,000.

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