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He opens the plane door, walks onto the wing, and is defended by the passengers

He opens the plane door, walks onto the wing, and is defended by the passengers

A plane passenger who opened the door and climbed into the plane's wing after a four-hour delay without air conditioning received support from fellow passengers who said he saved their lives.

The plane, which was supposed to head to Guatemala, was waiting for 4 hours on the runway at Mexico City International Airport to be able to take off. After passing through the emergency exit to walk onto the wing, the passenger returned to the cabin “without affecting the aircraft or anyone on the plane,” airport officials said.

The man then went to the police and was arrested, the New York Post reported.

But many passengers signed a written certificate confirming that the airline made them wait 4 hours without ventilation and without water during the flight delay.

The testimonies also supported the man, confirming that what he did was with the aim of “protecting everyone, with everyone’s support,” according to American media.

At least 77 passengers signed this statement in support of the man, but it remains unclear whether he is still in detention or facing any charges.

The airline's statements were confirmed by various passenger testimonies.

“At approximately 11:37 a.m., a Mexican airline reported the initiation of a malfunction caused by a disgruntled passenger on flight AM672,” the report said. The flight was scheduled to take off at 8:45 a.m. on Thursday, but due to a maintenance alert, the captain had to return to the gate to perform said maintenance.

He added that this event forced the crew and passengers to change planes, with a delay of approximately 5 hours.

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