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Has Patrick Roy started a new trend in the NHL?

Has Patrick Roy started a new trend in the NHL?

Some NHL coaches don't seem to be indifferent to Patrick Roy's bold techniques.

The Montreal Canadiens legend, during his coaching career, made a habit of removing his team's goaltender very early in the third period when his club was trailing by several goals. That was the case when he was behind the Colorado Avalanche bench between 2013 and 2016, and he has continued to do so since arriving with the New York Islanders in January.

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On Thursday, with the Islanders trailing the St. Louis Blues 3-0, Roy asked Semyon Varlamov to drop to the bench in favor of a sixth skater with nearly 11 minutes left in the game. The tactic did not work, as the Blues took advantage of the empty cage to score the fourth goal.

Roy tried again two days later against the Tampa Bay Lightning, this time with just over six minutes remaining in the third period. Although his players managed to reduce the score to 3 to 1, they lost 4 to 2.

Furthermore, John Cooper attempted the same thing on Tuesday against the Philadelphia Flyers. The clock showed 9:16 minutes left in the game and with the team trailing by three goals, Andrei Vasilevskiy was called back to the bench. Steven Stamkos scored a few minutes later, but the Flyers scored two empty-net goals to confirm a 6-2 win.

Will other coaches follow? This will continue.

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