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Gurman: A discarded 14-inch iPad and a more metallic Magic Keyboard

Gurman: A discarded 14-inch iPad and a more metallic Magic Keyboard

The iPad Pro Magic Keyboard is supposed to benefit from a major redesign next year, bringing it closer to similarity to Mac laptop keyboards.

Last week, in her Sunday o’clock newsletter BloombergMark Gurman talked about a new Magic Keyboard design to accompany the 2024 iPad Pros. He said that the accessory will look more like Apple’s laptop keyboard, thanks to a sleeker trackpad.

Magic keyboard today

New secrets collected Since then, let him say that Apple will also modify the materials used for the part surrounding the keyboard and trackpad (the “top case”). They should be made of aluminum while the outer faces retain the existing texture.

Aluminum is not said to cause additional weight – it may enhance the rigidity of the piece and give it a certain character – but we can ask whether that would not introduce an additional cost to this Appendix. It’s already quite expensive as it is: €369 and €429 depending on size).

There’s no information yet on other possible changes, such as adding a row of function keys. The USB-C socket will only be serviced, as Gorman specifies, and there will always be only one socket.

Finally, Gorman notes that Apple almost showed off the 14-inch iPad Pro, a project that was at least two years old. However, the product ended up being discounted due to the cost of this OLED-equipped model. Apple has planned to start migrating to this type of panel on the iPad Pro 2024 next spring/summer.