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"Goodnight Tampa!"  |  Montreal Magazine

“Goodnight Tampa!” | Montreal Magazine

It was an entertaining weekend. And win that does not hurt. The Canadian went to beat the Great Lightning in Tampa. The two-time Stanley Cup champion wore their third jersey for the occasion. Definite ugliness. But that is not what is meant.

At the match, sensation Cole Caufield wore a TVA Sports microphone. A brilliant idea that made it possible in the midst of the action to emphasize what comes out of a young sniper when our ears are not complicit. Coffield has tremendous magnetism. He has a persistent sense of humor, attractive smile. He’s a contagious teenager. Spreads the fun on the seat and behind it. We saw and heard him overflowing with joy with his coach and mentor Martin St. Louis. It was true, it was intoxicating.

And what about the ending, “Good night Tampa!” Witness the poisoning of victory. A lion cub roars on its way to metamorphosis, happy and trying to jump into its mother’s claws.

Cole Caufield perfectly embodies the face that Jeff Gorton and Kent Hughes want to give to the Canadian. Youth, talent and desire to win. Always happy and with a smile. Coffield The Happiness Merchant. Not everyone will be on this team. But the infection will be nervous to maintain the desired level of mood in the locker room.

Nick Suzuki is more conservative, more interior. This is perfect. Coffield will be useful to him to complete his science maneuvers and keep the poses on track. Caufield would be anti-slip to the dark side of the force. This darkness awaits all top athletes throughout their journey. She’s keeping an eye on Caufield, too, but we feel he’ll have no problem getting rid of her.

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3 points open the CF MTL season?

CF Montreal offered the win to its new boss, Gabriel Gervais, on Saturday. First victory in the 2022 MLS Championship and first victory in Cincinnati. A 4-3 offensive backfire was obtained without Rommel Koyoto and Mason Toei, responsible for production in the attack.

There are four players from the Canadian national team in this squad. Four Canadian producers are delighted to leave for Qatar next November to participate in the biggest sporting event on the planet, the FIFA World Cup. Their presence will be precious to Wilfried Nancy and Olivier Renard. That’s for Gabriel Gervais, too. Will the winds finally be nice and good at Saputo Park? I really hope so.

Quebec at the top of professional wrestling!

A word about Kevin Owens, born Kevin Steen, in Maryville on Montreal’s south shore. What KO did in Dallas at the Wrestlemania Finals Saturday night is phenomenal. Noteworthy is his dedication to providing fading and aging Stone Cold Steve Austin with a great farewell match. Wrestling is an extreme theatre. Kevin Owens enforced a frenetic and dedicated tango in a brilliant episode director for the legendary Austin. He was a genius. On Sunday it was Montrealer Sami Zain’s turn to give the evening’s best show. Don’t doubt it, there is finally a succession in Bravo, Brito and Rougeau…