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Funeral service for Prince Philip at Windsor Castle on April 17

D.The day after Prince Philip’s death he was touched by the sympathy of the British royal family. The heir to the throne, Prince Charles, 72, stepped in front of the cameras on Saturday evening and thanked the Royals on behalf of the Royals. “I think my dear Papa is a very special person, overwhelmed above all by the reaction and the things that are said about him,” Charles said. The family is “deeply grateful” for this. He missed his father “wonderfully”, the heir to the throne said.

According to the palace, the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, 94, who died at the age of 99 on Friday, will take place next Saturday (April 17). A palace spokesman said Prince Harry, 36, would return from the United States. His pregnant wife, Duchess Megan, 39, was advised against the trip by her doctor.

The festival will be greatly reduced by the corona epidemic. Only 30 mourners are allowed to participate. Government seat Downing Street reported Saturday evening that Prime Minister Boris Johnson had ruled out attending in support of family members. There should be no public procession. Instead, the coffin of Phillips is to be driven to the church in a specially embraced Land Rover within the castle walls, followed by a small mourning ceremony with Prince Charles and other family members.

The final service is broadcast live

The funeral will be televised live, the spokesman continued. A nationwide minute service is scheduled to begin at 4 pm (CEST) at St George’s Chapel on Windsor Castle Grounds.

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Meanwhile, more and more members of the British royal family came to Windsor Castle to pay their respects to the Queen. Her daughter-in-law Countess Sophie spoke Saturday about the Queen’s reaction to her husband’s death. The 56-year-old told reporters with tears in her eyes as she and her husband Prince Edward Windsor left Castle.

Youngest son of Queen Edward and Prince Phillips. He is expected to receive the title of Duke of Edinburgh from his father. According to the BBC, Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, had already rushed to his mother in Windsor, where he expressed “deep sorrow” over the death of her “beloved husband”.