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"Franco-British border location in Calcutta is a barrier to seeking asylum in the United Kingdom"

“Franco-British border location in Calcutta is a barrier to seeking asylum in the United Kingdom”

Tribune. Will there be so many deaths Channel crossing Can an answer be drawn to the question of access to asylum on the British border, rather than in the Mediterranean? So far, the situation in and around Pas-de-Calais has sometimes been described by well-established critiques, sometimes as “everything is fine”. But the proposed solution, period.

Since the “deforestation” in 2016, the number of immigrants from European countries in Galilee has been explicitly confirmed. Exhausts Properly following any camp implemented by the French authorities (police) maintains the number of one or two thousand immigrants in the galaxy. As their living conditions deteriorated drastically our robbers became well known, and the National Advisory Commission on Human Rights (CNCDH) noted in its opinion on 11 February. But both flows, departures and arrivals, measured as we imagine, are increasing significantly.

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These departures now take place in two directions: in France, through shelters that are more or less the same as their frequent returns, or by their wandering spontaneously, especially by rejection or “Dublin”. Another member state of the European Union (EU); Or to the UK, by illegal and dangerous shortcuts, by boat, the overpasses have been effectively closed (more than 10,000 since the beginning of 2021; nearly 1,000 on some days in August).

Equivalent to pushback

These immigrants do not have enough information On their rights, As underscored by the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Paris, as in London. But we have to consider them as asylum seekers in the UK, which was prevented from leaving this claim by the location of this border in Galilee.

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These immigrants do not apply for asylum in France or, at the very least, formally apply for asylum in the United Kingdom (98% of attendance in 2021), as well as accommodation, reception center and administrative conditions (CAES) on a French device that they allow, and those fleeing to the United Kingdom. Then are recognized as refugees at the usual rate (about 50%). ) In relation to the average asylum rates of asylum seekers in Europe.

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