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Flashes of speed of 640 km / h and intensifying

Flashes of speed of 640 km / h and intensifying

Wednesday, September 29, 2021 12:48 p.m. – A storm has erupted over Jupiter for centuries. The famous red spot seen by telescopes around the world is driven by strong winds of 640 km/h and more. To the researchers’ surprise, these storms intensified over time.

old storm

The famous Great Red Spot that has been observed on Jupiter for centuries is intriguing researchers. It is a giant storm that has been raging for several hundred years. While scientists believe it may eventually disappear, the strong winds that characterize it seem to tend to be more intense.

Spot 15,000 km

This terrible storm stretches 15,000 km in length and 12,000 km in width, which is the diameter of the planet Earth. The speed of the gusts reaches 640 km / h and even more. Observations with the Hubble telescope enabled the researchers to calculate the wind speed, which increases by about 2.5 km/h per year on Earth. The NASA instrument is capable of monitoring details with an accuracy of up to 170 kilometers.

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