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Final Fantasy XVI will get a small one-day patch after all

Final Fantasy XVI will get a small one-day patch after all

It was the development of Final Fantasy XVI Almost done Back in March, many of us were ready to believe Square Enix when the developers said they had no plans for us to download a June 22nd patch. Sadly, we’ll have to after all, but there’s some good news out there.

Naoki Yoshida and his team have uncovered several things over a long period of time flowing today, including the fact that Final Fantasy XVI will actually get one daily patch. The good news is that it will only be around 300MB and will tweak the game’s performance and fix some bugs. A future update will also implement options to turn off motion blur, prevent the camera from automatically tracking Clive’s movements, and a few other things based on player feedback after playing the demo.

It’s still impressive in my book when I’m talking about such a big game. In fact, the developers took this opportunity to reveal that the physical releases of Final Fantasy XVI were supposed to be two Blu-Rays. Like Final Fantasy VII: Rebirthbut a few last minute changes helped consolidate the entire experience into one.

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