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Fighting in the Russian Kursk region, two people were killed in Ukrainian strikes in Belgorod

Fighting in the Russian Kursk region, two people were killed in Ukrainian strikes in Belgorod

Fighting is taking place on Thursday in the Russian Kursk region between Russian forces and pro-Kiev fighters, while a new wave of drone attacks targeted the neighboring Belgorod region, killing at least two people, according to Russian authorities.

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These armed incursions and air strikes have increased in recent days, and come as Russians are called to the polls from Friday to Sunday for a presidential election that will ensure the re-election of Vladimir Putin.

The Russian National Guard, Rosgvardia, said it was fighting alongside border guards and soldiers “to counter an attack by hostile disinformation groups near the town of Tyukino in the Kursk region.”

There were attacks on this border village on Tuesday by units coming from Ukraine and claiming to be composed of anti-Kremlin Russians. Moscow claimed that it repelled them and eliminated the attackers.

Russian fighters loyal to Kiev “do not give up their attempts to penetrate our territory near the village of Tyutkino.” For his part, regional governor Roman Starovoit noted that Russian forces “did not allow them to do so and will do so.” Don't let them do that.

The Russian Freedom Corps, one of the groups behind previous armed raids, also warned residents.

In a new message on Thursday, these attackers pledged to “liberate the Russian regions of Belgorod and Kursk” from Vladimir Putin’s regime, and called on governors to “issue orders to evacuate civilians without delay” from these regions.

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Meanwhile, drone attacks have been increasing for several days in Russia's border regions, but also hundreds of kilometers from the front, and Kiev has vowed to take the fight to Russian territory in response to the bombing that Ukraine has suffered for two years. More than two years.

It particularly targets the Belgorod region and its eponymous capital. On Thursday, the authorities recorded the killing of two civilians and the injury of nine others after day and night attacks.

Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov released photos showing charred vehicles and buildings with smashed windows.