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Few companies try to retain experienced workers

Few companies try to retain experienced workers

Despite the labor shortage, few organizations are trying to retain and attract experienced workers, according to a survey published Monday.

According to a study conducted by TÉLUQ Professor Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay, CHRP, in collaboration with the Association of Certified Human Resource Consultants, only 37% of organizations implement practices to retain workers over 50.

The public sector comes last, as 24% of public companies hardly implement measures aimed at keeping this category of workers employed, while the private sector got 46%, followed by non-profit organizations with 37%.

Among the organizations that want to promote these practices of attractiveness, barely 14% of them advertise jobs specifically targeting those 50 and over.

According to the survey, in general, to keep experienced workers employed, organizations prefer to regulate working hours (67%), recognition (44%), reduce mental workload (34%) and adequate pay (33%).

CHRP Director Manon Poirier noted, Executive Director of the Certified Human Resource Consultants Medal.

Possible solutions lie in work time organization, work reorganization, and orientation. Also, the measures offered differ by sector: remote work is offered more in the public sector, and less in the private sector, a measure that contributes to job retention.”I Tremblay.

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