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Faverny.  Many activities in the Amalgam cultural space

Faverny. Many activities in the Amalgam cultural space

During the open days of the Amalgam Cultural Space, the Aéca Association gave a very positive assessment of the public’s interest in its cultural skills. “Our location in Favergne since 2022 has allowed us to develop and introduce ourselves better. We thank the municipal community for their support and assistance in the dynamic of development and dissemination of our activities,” says Myriam Antoine, President of the Association.

Many activities

The Amalgame cultural space in Favergne, run by the association Aéca (Atelier for Awakening and Artistic Creativity), offers various activities from September to June. Such as basketry with Anne Vidal, writing with Esther Letinois-Udin, ceramics with Guillermo Salazar, photography with Jean-Pierre Patard, mosaics with Annie Arnold, and music lessons (guitar, bass, keyboard) with Dan Fichter. But also calligraphy and computer science. This year, three new shows will be scheduled: “Singing Your Potential” with Aleta Witvliet, “Finding the Beauty in Yourself” with Christine Saint-Dizier, art therapist, and “Relax, Discover Self-Hypnosis” with Stephane Toussaint, hypnotherapist.

Contact: 06 37 08 85 49/[email protected]

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