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The collegiate church is a witness to the art of Languedoc

The collegiate church is a witness to the art of Languedoc

Joseph Bremont, architect emeritus, will be at the collegiate church of Saint-Etienne Saturday 7 October To 19h. He has been involved in many restorations in the region: Béziers, Magallas, Saint-Pons… His experience, both as an architect but also in aspects of communication and training of his colleagues, allows us to better understand what the builders wanted to convey to the arrangements and stones. Thus he chose the Kabestang Congregational Church. “The collegiate church is a wonderful example of the development of religious architecture, from the Romanesque to the Gothic style.”He explains.

During this conference, he will review the stages of building the memorial. “This route will be linked to other examples in the Languedoc region, most notably the bishoprics of Narbonne and Béziers.He continued. Then, we’ll take a look at how the French style Opus francigenum spread among us and how it was adapted to local traditions. We can also mention the absence of flying buttresses and a single plate.”.

Mauvernay stained glass windows will be discussed: “We will discuss the development of stained glass windows that followed, which deserves more attention.”.

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