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Eureka, a fun comic book exploring the origins of science

Eureka, a fun comic book exploring the origins of science

“Eureka” (published by La Boîte à Bulles) is the latest creation of Professor Pascal Marchand, of Toulouse. This comic book promises a captivating adventure through the pages drawn by Jean-Benoit Mébec, to better understand the birth and development of these fundamental concepts.

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The book offers a dive into antiquity to meet Thales, Pythagoras and Ptolemy. Where scientific history takes root. Here Pascal Marchand has succeeded in creating an educational and entertaining comic strip that explores the development of science in a new way. “Eureka” is the first volume of a series dedicated to the scientific world, recently unveiled by the talented professor from Toulouse. For example, who would have thought that comic books could take us back to the time when the Pythagorean Theorem was in the spotlight?

Pascal Marchand: Passionate about the history of science

Passionate about the history of science, Pascal Marchand joined the talented designer Jean-Benoit Mébec to bring “Eureka” to life in Toulouse. This unique collaboration has made it possible to share Pascal Marchand's scientific culture in a fun and humorous way.

More than 30 years ago from scientific culture and the history of the ideas at IUT of Toulouse, Pascal Marchand conceived a comprehensive program in a vast period, which included the Greek Antiquity recently. Twentieth century. The idea to create this comic strip arose during the lockdowns associated with the Covid-19 crisis. The professor then sought to make his lessons more attractive by clarifying them. Thus was born the idea of ​​creating a comic book that transcends the barriers of traditional education.

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Great figures in the history of science

The comic strip “Eureka” explores the lives of the great geniuses who marked the history of science. The two main characters, partly inspired by Pascal Marchand and Jean-Benoit Mébec, embark on a remarkable quest.

Throughout the pages, the comic meets symbolic figures such as Pythagoras, Plato and Ptolemy. Beyond scientific theories, it reveals the human stories hidden behind these brilliant names. Pascal Marchand wants readers to realize that these geniuses were human beings with their own stories.

Comedy accessible to everyone

The first volume of Eureka covers topics such as the universe, geometry, and medicine. The goal is to promote critical thinking. Comics target a broad audience, beyond specialists. Pascal Marchand emphasizes that comics do not provide ready-made answers, but aim to arouse curiosity and encourage people to deepen their knowledge.

“Eureka” is the first volume of the five-volume “Épistemè” series.