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Éduc'alcool says consumption habits of Montreal residents are 'alarming'

Éduc’alcool says consumption habits of Montreal residents are ‘alarming’

A CROP survey on behalf of Éduc’alcool, published Tuesday, revealed that, on average, more drivers got behind the wheel while disabled in Montreal than in Quebec as a whole.

About 11% of Montreal drivers admitted to driving with an alcohol level above the legal limit at least once in the past year. The county average is 9%.

  • Listen to the interview with Hubert Sacy, General Manager of Éduc’alcool on QUB Radio:

Also, Montreal residents (13%) always tend to mix cannabis and alcohol compared to the Quebec average (11%). The behavior is “alarming for everyone’s safety,” noted Hubert Sacy, general manager of Éduc’alcool

“Even if their general consumption habits differ slightly from those of the average Quebecer, more Montreal residents feel the negative impact of alcohol on their social relationships, family life and physical health,” said Mr. Sassi.

However, consumption habits differ among French, English, and Alophone speakers in Montreal. About 68% of French speakers living in the city consume an alcoholic drink once a week or more compared to 54% of English speakers and 48% of alluvians. Quebec average 60%.

For the study, 1,200 people (500 francophones, 400 anglophones, and 300 allophones) were surveyed in the Montreal region, for a total of 7,600 people in Quebec.

Government actions related to COVID-19 may have changed some behaviours, such as banning gathering in private residence and closing restaurants and bars.

Data collection was extended from August to October 2020 inclusive and from February 15 to March 30, 2021 in order to reduce the impact of a given month on the behavior of respondents.

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In addition, the proportion of telephone interviews in 2019 was greater than in 2021 (32% vs. 9%), which may have an impact on the results.