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Downing Street parties during lockdown: British police impose 20 fines

Downing Street parties during lockdown: British police impose 20 fines

London police announced on Tuesday they would impose 20 fines for breaching anti-COVID rules after their investigation of organized parties in British power circles in the midst of confinement, a scandal that has weakened Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“We will begin filing 20 fines notices for breaching regulations related to COVID-19 today,” Scotland Yard said in a statement, without specifying the fines.

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By the time he was considered to be on the eviction seat in January in the face of defections from the majority, the conservative leader appears to have weathered the crisis, particularly in the context of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But the conclusions of the police, who consider that the crimes have already occurred, could reopen the case, especially if it is revealed that Mr Johnson is directly targeted with a fine.

Scotland Yard made dozens of rallies in 2020 and 2021. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is believed to have attended some.

The revelations of these occasional celebratory events in places of power during the pandemic, when Britons have been asked to drastically reduce their social interactions to fight the spread of COVID-19, has shaken the power.

Listen to Richard Martineau’s interview with Naama Mashouf on QUB Radio:

Boris Johnson, whose popularity plummeted sharply after the scandal, had made a mistake before MPs but ruled out any resignation, relying on the conclusions of a police investigation.

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Scotland Yard did not identify those against whom sanctions were issued on Tuesday, saying it follows the police’s code of professional conduct.

The events in question were also not identified in order to avoid identifying the perpetrators.

The police did not complete their investigation into the case and promised to do “everything” to make it move forward “quickly”. Police said more fines could follow if there was sufficient evidence of abuse.