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Discover the Videographer Course: A Concrete Path to Video Mastery

Discover the Videographer Course: A Concrete Path to Video Mastery

In a world where video content reigns supreme, mastering the art of video has become an invaluable skill.’s Videographer Course taught by Bernard Bertrand is an immersive adventure into the world of video creation, designed to turn enthusiasts into professionals.

Who is this videographer trained for?

This course is ideal for anyone aspiring to become a professional videographer. Whether you’re a photographer wanting to expand your skills or a beginner looking to improve, this training is designed just for you. With no specific prerequisites, it targets a diverse audience, from informed amateurs to aspiring professionals.

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The Videographer Course is a balanced mix of theory and practice, spread over 126 hours of rich and varied content. Below is an overview of the program entirely produced by Bernard Bertrand, professional photographer and videographer. He will also have a course mentor to follow you throughout your learning.

  • Unit One – Basics of Video Creation: An introduction to video art, basic camera settings, and getting started with Davinci Resolve for editing.
  • Unit 2 – Important Principles: Beautiful video image techniques, composition, shutter speed and frame rate.
  • Unit 3 – Recording Audio: Affordable audio solutions and audio capture management.
  • Unit 4 – Accessories and Equipment: Basic equipment and accessories (Slider, Gimbal, Lights, Microphones).
  • Module 5 – Post-production: Remove distortions/edit/calibrate, edit and export audio
  • Professional project: Complete a video project from A to Z, and practical application of the acquired skills.

The Videographer course is ideal for those looking to turn their passion for video into professional skills. With high-quality mentoring, a comprehensive educational approach and a well-structured programme, this training is a valuable investment in your future career. If you are ready to venture out and dive into the wonderful world of video, this course is for you.

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