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Discover Sebastien Delorme's new blonde Penelope Cordo in 12 photos

Discover Sebastien Delorme’s new blonde Penelope Cordo in 12 photos

Sébastien Delorme is officially in a relationship…and his new girlfriend is Pénélope Cordeau who is a young entrepreneur from St-Hyacinthe.

It was Sebastian himself who announced that he was New in a relationship with a picture where he was kissing Penelope…

At the time, rumors spread about the identity of his new wife, but it has now been confirmed.

Sebastian’s relationship with Pénélope Cordeau is now up. The two lovebirds are said to have been together for nearly a year now… like how long it took them before they appeared together and that’s fine too!

The new blonde Sebastien Delorme Penelope Cordo

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Pénélope is a young entrepreneur who works in the beauty business. She is the owner of her own salon called Le Lab Privé in Saint-Hyacinthe. The place has opened in the last few months and has something to be proud of!

Sebastian has also supported his wife in her projects in recent months! We know getting into business isn’t always easy and the guy who played Poupou in District 31 has supported him a lot!

The young woman loves to be outdoors as well as hikes in the mountains…like what she and Sebastian have in common in many ways she loves the outdoors in all its ways!

She is also a fan of tattoos as she has many different places on her body in addition to her left forearm being almost full. It’s very pretty and can be seen in photo #5…what about the beak picture!

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All Penelope photos can be seen below by moving with the arrows:

1The blonde Penelope Cordo Sebastien Delorme