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Crohn's disease: They respect health instructions even after the pandemic

Crohn's disease: They respect health instructions even after the pandemic

Four years after the pandemic began, this mother and son from the United Kingdom are still living in confinement, all to protect the boy who suffers from the autoimmune disease.

Washing hands, keeping a distance of two metres, wearing a mask, washing up groceries… this is the reality that Mandy and Mason Milne live in, even if the quarantine measures are lifted in England.

That's because Mason, 22, has Crohn's disease, which puts him at higher risk of developing complications if he contracts COVID-19.

“The pandemic is over for the majority of people and they are starting to return to their lives, but it is more difficult for us now. It is worse than when the restrictions were in place,” the mother explained in an interview. woman.

The situation also affects the autistic young man also on a relational level, as he is unable to communicate with people from the outside. Mason now lives isolated from the outside world, while trying to live a normal life before the pandemic.

For example, if he wants to get some fresh air, he will go out for a walk alone. “I cross the street if I see someone and I carry antibacterial wipes with me in case I have to press the button at a pedestrian crossing. I don’t touch the button with my hand, I use a wipe,” he told British media. “After that, I wash my hands when I’m indoors, and every time.” Place, there are few hand sanitizers.”

Mason has an older brother and sister, but despite their keenness, the sight of them still causes fear in his 59-year-old mother.

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“The government told us at the beginning of the lockdown that there was a high probability that people like Mason would die if they contracted coronavirus. “As a parent, I would feel guilty if I was the one who caused my son to get sick,” she said.