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Cowboys change their name

Cowboys change their name

On the occasion of the launch of the brand new Cruiser, the Belgian brand Cowboy is changing the name of its electric bikes that are currently in the catalog.

Source: Cowboy

Connected electric bike specialist, Cowboy, took advantage of July 3, 2023 to unveil an all-new model, the Cowboy Cruiser. This version that sits halfway between the Cowboy 4 and the Cowboy 4 ST isn’t the only novelty on offer.

changing the name

In fact, there is no need to call it that way anymore, because the Belgian company is changing the family name of its products. Cowboy 4 becomes the Classic, when the Cowboy 4 ST should now be called the Cruiser ST. In all, three distinct VAEs make up the brand’s offering:

  • Classic Cowboy: High frame, slightly curved handlebar;
  • Cowboy Cruiser ST: Open frame, curved and longer handlebars;
  • Cowboy Cruiser: Closed frame, curved handlebars and top;

Our test of the Cowboy Cruiser

This thinking is also behind our rebranding strategy, which makes it easier for customers to buy the model that suits them best. We are determined to get as many people involved in cycling as possible design director Richard Boone said in a press release sent to the editorial staff.

to note itfrandroid You’ve already been able to try out the Cowboy Cruiser for several days, here are the reviews.

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