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Cover fruits and vegetables to cover shortages in supermarkets

Cover fruits and vegetables to cover shortages in supermarkets

There has been a severe food shortage in the UK since September. Some supermarkets, such as Tesco or Sainsbury’s, have addressed this situation.

It suggests that large-scale retailers actually have pictures of cardboard fruits and vegetables on empty shelves. Defender Broadcast by Hafost. Many internet users across the country have shared pictures of stalls decorated in this way on social networks.

Stores “simply too big”

This food shortage is a direct result of the shortage of manpower among truck drivers caused by the Govt-19 epidemic and Brexit. “From [son] Once implemented, companies will not have the opportunity to hire EU staff in low-skilled sectors, ”said economist Catherine Mathews. Echoes.

For some experts, this shortage is not the only consequence of distribution concerns. β€œIt has become very common,” explains Brian Roberts, sales expert at Shopfloor Insights. Hafost. “It’s not just because of the shortage, but because so many supermarkets are so big now.”

On social networks, this situation has provoked a lot of jokes from internet users. The British had already responded in September by noticing that many supermarkets were filled with bags of sauces or candies and chocolates at fruit and vegetable shops.

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