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Contradictory poll for Trump in South Carolina

Contradictory poll for Trump in South Carolina

Donald Trump can both rejoice and be anxious about the election results Public opinion poll Made in South Carolina and published on Thursday by Washington Post. The former president collects 58% of voting intentions compared to 32% for Nikki Haley in this measure conducted among potential voters to participate in the Republican primary elections in this state, scheduled for February 24. The former Palmetto State governor said she aims to improve her home state after last week's result in New Hampshire, where she lost by 11 percentage points.

But all is not well for Trump. When asked who they would vote for if Trump was convicted and the Republican nominee remained, 62% said they would support the former president, but 17% said they would support Biden and 15% said they would vote for another candidate, whose name was not mentioned. Among Haley's supporters, 44% said they would vote for Biden and 28% for another candidate mail.

These results do not fail to be surprising, as they were collected in South Carolina, a conservative state. We understand why Trump insisted on postponing any trial until after the presidential election.

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