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Complaints to airlines: Here is who gives the CTA the most work

Complaints to airlines: Here is who gives the CTA the most work

Flair Airlines is the one that delivers the most trouble in terms of complaints to the Canadian Transportation Agency, closely followed by Sunwing, according to a recent group.

“Most complaints [97 %] It is resolved informally, through facilitation or mediation; Providing the schedule, the Transport Canada (OTC) said, “Other complaints are subject to a formal decision process.”

The study, conducted between April 2022 and March 2023, only lists airlines that receive at least one complaint for every 100 flights. This made it possible for seven Canadian airlines, which would have received between 3.3 and 15.3 complaints per 100 flights on average over the period.

After Flair Airlines (15.3), Sunwing posted 13.8 complaints on the counter. Then airline Swoop was third with a 13.2, followed by Westjet (6.6), Lynx Air (5.4), Air Canada (4.3) and finally Air Transat (3.3).

As for foreign companies, Germany’s Lufthansa was the subject of the highest number of complaints, with an average of 37.6 per 100 flights. Qatar Airways, with a score of 24.5, and Royal Air Maroc, with a score of 21.2, come in second and third, respectively.

The federal agency added that complaints will be submitted to the CTA “after the traveler attempts to resolve the issue directly with the airline.”

“The complaint statements are based on information provided by passengers and may not have been reviewed by the CTA at the time of publication,” it continued on its website.