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Coexistence is a cause or effect of collective intelligence

Coexistence is a cause or effect of collective intelligence

Participation in creation and competition in opposition according to the temporal era

Empathy and competition, two opposing terms in the nascent collective intelligence systems that accompany the transition from one century to the next. Cycles, slow rhythms whose sources go back centuries or millennia, a shared collective history with sometimes significant differences in core ideas from ancient or modern religions.

Professor of Literature: Conveyor of Humanity?

Shakespeare, Musset, Calvino… The great authors of world literature profoundly influence young people. Provided that the teacher shows them the way and helps them confront their human role in texts that play with boundaries and time.

Homework Help in Schools – 50 Million Program Evaluation Report***

According to the report, the observed effects are either positive or mixed.

In Latin America, ICT is working well, thank you!

Latin America can be a source of inspiration regarding the educational integration of technologies. Two continental platforms and a UNESCO survey report provide detailed information on the dynamism of the Indian subcontinent at this level.

Online training at Bull: Profitable, yes, but there are other advantages. –

But specifically, in addition to the financial aspect and return on investment, Bull derives from the use of e-training other advantages that become strategic in a competitive context.

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