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Chris Christie's confession  Richard Hitto's blog

Chris Christie's confession Richard Hitto's blog

Chris Christie, who recently declined invitations from the Republican governor of New Hampshire to support his presidential campaign, released an ad on Thursday admitting he made a mistake by backing Donald Trump in 2016. Perhaps that admission will help him with his granite position. The state, where independents will be able to participate in the Republican primaries on January 23. But isn't Trump ruining his already slim chances of winning the race for the Republican nomination in the 2024 presidential election, which is outrageously dominated by the former Republican president?

“I have a confession to make,” the former New Jersey governor said live to camera in his 60-second ad that aired in New Hampshire. “Eight years ago, when I decided to support Donald Trump for president, I did it because he was winning, and I did it because I thought I could make him a better candidate and a better president. Well, I was wrong. I made a mistake.”

He added: “Today, we face the same choice again. Donald Trump is leading in the opinion polls, and everyone is saying: “Whoever stands behind him must withdraw, and we must choose Donald Trump over Joe Biden.” Well, Joe Biden has had the wrong policies, and Donald Trump would sell the soul of this country. Neither option is acceptable to me, nor should it be so for you. »

New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu tried unsuccessfully to persuade Christie to withdraw from the race, saying his candidacy had reached a dead end and that he was only helping Trump. He supports Nikki Haley's candidacy. Christie, who finished third in New Hampshire polls behind Trump and Haley, sent him out to pasture.

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