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Canadiens rookie camp: “Logan [Mailloux] He had the desire to move on to something else.” – Francis Bouillon

Canadiens rookie camp: “Logan [Mailloux] He had the desire to move on to something else.” – Francis Bouillon

Logan Maylox can now look forward. The moment he had been waiting for so long, the moment he would put on a Canadian uniform for the first time, was now behind him.

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Like 26 other prospects in the organization, Ontarian was in Buffalo this weekend for the Rookie of the Year tournament against the Sabers, Bruins and Senators.

“It was refreshing. I was happy to see him wearing that sweater. And he looked good, too. He looked good. You could see he had passion, that he wanted to play hockey and move forward,” said Francis Bouillon, player development coach.

Rating the weekend, Bouillon really liked the Mailloux outfit. Like everyone else, he noticed that it was a little more difficult during the first meeting. However, the progress he made over the next two meetings satisfied him completely.

“He is a player with a lot of potential and I have been saying that for several years,” Bouillon said. I loved his heroism. He improved from game to game. »

It’s time for hockey

We all know the story of Maillox. No need to go back to it. However, it is worth noting that Rob Ramage, the team’s director of player development, has taken him under his wing over the past 12 months. He could attest that his progress on the human level was as noticeable as the progress on ice.

“It’s been a long journey. But now he can focus on hockey,” Ramage said.

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“I have followed his progress closely every day,” he added. He made the effort. He definitely deserves the opportunity to become a Montreal Canadiens player. »

With those words, the former Habs fullback did not immediately open the locker room door for the 20-year-old. What he meant was that Mailox could now aspire to become a professional player without being reminded of his past mistakes again.

“From now on, his fate is in his hands. It is up to him to prove to the world that he is capable of playing professionally and that he is capable of climbing the ladder,” Bouillon said.

Trudeau is very popular

QMI Photography Agency, Joel Lemay

Another full-back could rise through the ranks more sharply than expected. William Trudeau, once again, scored points with the Canadian crew. A fourth-round pick in 2021, Varennois has already forced the group’s hand by securing a position with the Laval Rocket despite having one season of eligibility remaining in the junior division.

This weekend, he took to the ice at the Sabers’ training complex with the letter “C” on his jersey.


“His experience allows him to be a leader. We noticed that side of him during last year’s games. Plus, he had a great summer,” Ramage said.

The work that allowed him to arrive at the draft camp at his full potential. Physically and mentally.

“It’s unbelievable. I’ve worked with him for three years. The conversations I have with him today are not the same as the ones I had when he was young. He has learned a lot and grown a lot. The advice given to him he applies very well, he praised Wallon. Today he plays with confidence. He makes good decisions and enters the game.”

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It should come as no surprise to see him play some games for the big club over the winter.