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Can Brits go to the pub to watch the women’s football final?

Can Brits go to the pub to watch the women’s football final?

This is the fear of English football fans. Could they meet in a pub on Sunday morning for the Women’s World Cup final? Of course not: many pubs are not allowed to open so early, let alone serve alcohol.

For the first time, the England team “Singham” will play in the final of the World Cup. As usual, with a pint in hand, the pub is the perfect opportunity to meet the Brits. But the match between England and Spain will be played in Sydney and due to the time difference, it will be 11am in England when the kick-off is given. But on Sunday mornings, many pubs are not allowed to open or serve pints until 11am or midday. So the debate heats up.

Parliamentary approval is required

The British Beer and Pub Association has called for an exceptional opening to be allowed at 10:00am. But a general change to pub opening hours across the UK would need parliamentary approval. But with MPs currently out of session due to the summer break, calls for an urgent recall to Westminster have been rejected.

Each pub can ask for its own approval, but this must be done five days before the big day. So it’s already too late. Equal Opportunities Minister Michael Gove has written to councils to speed up pub applications.

MP told the police to ‘close your eyes’.

The Home Office has written to police chiefs encouraging them to work with local councils to ensure as many places are open as possible.

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Tory MP Michael Fabricator has asked police in his constituency to “keep your eyes peeled” if a pub opens earlier on Sunday. In Cornwall, the city council and police have already announced they will not take any enforcement action if they open early during the finals.

The British Beer and Pub Association was quick to call on other regions to do the same.