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Cahors.  Want some RNA before dessert?

Cahors. Want some RNA before dessert?

The Sweets Conference is presented on Tuesday, 8 November by Carrefour Science and the Arts and the Cancer Control League. Its topic is “RNA: A Therapeutic Hope in the Fight Against Cancer,” and the speaker will be Dr. Fabien Megito, biologist, director of research at CNRS, and co-director of a research team at the Toulouse Cancer Center.

François Depardon, President of Carrefour for Sciences and Arts, and Jean-Pierre Tricot, President of the League Against Cancer, wanted to resume the candy conferences organized by these associations in partnership every two months for four years, which had been interrupted due to the health crisis. The purpose of the conference is to understand the workings of RNA and how it can help medicine and patients, to show what researchers are doing to fight cancer.

François Depardon explains: “We are here to advance and understand science. We had the opportunity to visit the research center of the Oncopôle de Toulouse which is located in the immediate vicinity of the place where patients are treated, their science is very advanced.”

Jean-Pierre Tricot adds: “This is an informative conference. RNA has been used in research and use in oncology for 11 years, and we’re making tremendous progress!”

ARN will whet the appetite of the crowd at the Espace Clément Marot on Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. This will be followed by sharing sweets served by association volunteers at 10 p.m., allowing you to interchange with sweet speakers.