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BUDGET: Mike Johnson faces a dangerous Kevin McCarthy scenario

BUDGET: Mike Johnson faces a dangerous Kevin McCarthy scenario

and again! In all likelihood, new House Speaker Mike Johnson will have to rely on Democratic votes to fund the US government past the November 17 deadline and avoid partial paralysis of the federal state until at least next January. Anyone who does not remember the fly will remember that this scenario cost Johnson’s predecessor, Kevin McCarthy, his job on October 3.

It is possible that a vote on adopting the temporary budget that Johnson wants will take place as early as Tuesday. According to the site PunchbowlAbout 50 members of the Freedom Caucus, a group of ultra-conservative representatives, intend to vote against the measure, which does not provide for any reduction in government spending.

But many Democratic lawmakers appear open to the idea of ​​adopting this temporary budget to avoid paralyzing the country before the Thanksgiving holiday, even if it does not include any military aid to Israel, Ukraine or Taiwan. The question now is whether more Democrats will vote for McCarthy’s successor’s first major bill than Republicans.

If so, will Johnson suffer the same fate as McCarthy? I can not believe that.

Note that the interim budget proposed by Johnson is: abnormal. It will finance part of the government until January 19 and the rest until February 2. In principle, Congress should use this delay to pass the twelve bills to fund the US government until September 30, 2024. Are you confident it will work?

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