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Broncon (Australia): “Take an example from the French XV”

Broncon (Australia): “Take an example from the French XV”

On the brink of a group stage exit from the World Cup, Australia already seem to be focusing on the next tournament, which will be held on home soil in 2027. At the press conference, Pierre-Henri Franken, the Wallabies’ head of staff, spoke of his hopes of getting Australia back into the limelight in four years’ time.

“We have our work cut out for us. I spoke to the young Australian players as they have a big chance of winning the next World Cup in Australia., announced the former Montauban player. However, he insists there is still a road ahead for staff and players, and likes to take an example from France’s XV. “But if we want to win the next election, we have to work hard for four years. France’s XV is a good example today. He explained before adding: “Since the last World Cup in Japan, with the same team, he has been preparing for this World Cup for four years. »

He laments the competitive format of Super Rugby in Australia and New Zealand and the lack of results pressure. “You will see more pressure in the quarter-finals, semi-finals or finals. » A form in which he blames part of his national team’s ills.

“I think everyone is very happy to have him as our coach now. As a young team we’ve grown well with him and he’s had the tough task of taking our game forward and I’ve definitely learned a lot from being coached by him.He declared.

For him, it doesn’t matter who Australia’s next coach is. He saluted and lamented the support given to the players by the former England coach “He sometimes takes shots at our place”.