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British Monarchy: Could King Charles III leave the throne to William?

British Monarchy: Could King Charles III leave the throne to William?

King Charles III may decide to abdicate and hand the throne to William and Kate while they are still young, royal experts have said. daily MailThis was a few days after the abdication of the Queen of Denmark, who ruled for 52 years.

Experts believe that the Queen could choose to step down since Queen Margaret's decision to abdicate was well received by the people of Denmark.

Remember, she announced during her official New Year's Eve speech that she would step down from her position on January 14. According to experts, she would have abandoned her “mission” in time to ensure the future of the Danish monarchy, a situation that could also happen in England, as confirmed by royal biographer Phil Dampier.

He said: “This must make you wonder whether in five or ten years King Charles might consider doing the same thing if his health is suffering or if he just thinks this is the right time to pass it on to William and Kate because they are still young.” British media.

“The late Queen would never have abdicated because of what happened in 1936, when her uncle abdicated and her father took the throne. Times are changing,” he stressed, adding that William and Kate got along very well with the future kings of Denmark, Frederik and Mary.

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