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Brazil: Bolsonaro issues a "final ultimatum" to the Supreme Court

Brazil: Bolsonaro issues a “final ultimatum” to the Supreme Court

The far-right leader will participate in these demonstrations of support for his government, which he hopes will be a mass rally, Tuesday, across the country, on the occasion of the National Day, in an attempt to demonstrate strength amid an institutional rally. calamity.

We cannot allow one or two people to use their power to take the country in another directionMr. Bolsonaro said during an official ceremony in the state of Bahia (Northeast).

The message you will leave to them on the street next Tuesday will be a wake-up call for these two people. Respect the constitution and our freedom and understand that you are going in the wrong direction.

Quote from:President Jair Bolsonaro

The head of state was referring to Supreme Court justices Alexandre de Moraes and Luis Roberto Barroso.

The former decided in particular to open an investigation against the president for spreading false information and ordered the search of many of his supporters suspected of organizing or financing anti-democracy demonstrations.

Judge Moraes went further on Friday, issuing an arrest warrant for Bolsonaro blogger Wellington Macedo on suspicion of planning violent protests on September 7, Brazil’s Independence Day.

Luis Roberto Barroso is also the president of the Supreme Court for Elections (TSE) and has strongly opposed President Bolsonaro over the electronic voting system.

What will happen in 2022?

The head of state called Judge Barroso asucker Frequently, regular reports fraud — without providing any evidence whatsoever — including suggesting that he should have been elected in the first round in 2018.

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He also questioned the holding of the 2022 presidential election, saying for example in July: Or we have proper elections in Brazil, otherwise there will be no elections.

After invading the Capitol in Washington in January, the Brazilian president warned that Brazil would do so Worse problem than in the United States If it continues to use the electronic voting system in 2022, the president, governors, representatives and a portion of the senators must be elected.