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Biden uses a shorter staircase to stop a fall while boarding Air Force One

Biden uses a shorter staircase to stop a fall while boarding Air Force One

After falling down the stairs to Air Force One several times, Joe Biden is now climbing Air Force One via a smaller staircase.

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According to two advisers to the US president consulted by Politico, this new way of doing things is mainly aimed at preventing the US leader from falling again.

Pictures of these incidents on the stairs of Air Force One circulate every time on the Internet and have attracted ridicule from netizens, but also from political opponents of Joe Biden.

Instead of using the 26-step staircase in the front of the plane, the US president now uses a 14-step retractable staircase located in the middle of the plane.

Note that he still often gets off Air Force One via the largest staircase, but regularly uses the second staircase to board the plane.

France Press agency

Joe Biden first crashed in March 2021, about two months after his inauguration, while on his way to Atlanta.

Last February, while leaving Poland, the US President again fell down the stairs.

He’s also had other accidents recently, including falling off his bike and tripping over a bag of sand.

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