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Bad weather in Turkey: nine dead and eleven sailors missing

Bad weather in Turkey: nine dead and eleven sailors missing

The Turkish Interior Minister announced on Monday that nine people had been found dead in Turkey after violent weather conditions, while 11 sailors were still missing in the Black Sea.

Ali Yerlikaya said during a press conference in Zonguldak province (northwest), where the bodies of four people were found, “Nine of our citizens died due to the storms (…) and heavy rains.”

He added that five other people, including three children, died in floods in the Batman and Diabakir regions in the southeast of the country.

He added that the body of one of the 12 missing Turkish sailors was found off the coast of Eregli, a port in Zonguldak Province, on Monday morning.

Yerli Kaya said that the Turkish-flagged ship Kafkametler sank after it hit the breakwater on Sunday morning while leaving the port of Eregli, about 200 kilometers east of Istanbul.

He announced that search operations, which were previously impossible due to weather conditions, began on Monday.

Another ship flying the Cameroonian flag broke into two parts on Sunday in Eregli under violent waves, after its entire crew was able to be safely evacuated.

Winds at speeds ranging between 130 and 140 kilometers per hour blew over the area, and waves between eight and nine meters high were formed, according to the Minister of the Interior.

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