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Australia is also talking about EPZs and the Crit’Air sticker

Australia is also talking about EPZs and the Crit’Air sticker

Confused about the rules for Low Emission Zones (ZFE)? Rest assured, you are not alone. Expats traveling to France by car and crossing many of these perimeters are often more lost than locals.

A situation that creates many problems. He was actually criticized by two Australian media outlets. The Brisbane Times And this Sydney Morning Herald We have decided to publish this matter and explain this matter to tourists engaging in French ZFEs.

The aim is that Australians exploring France will no longer be surprised. The rules at this time vary completely from city to city. All this while following the Crit’Air classification, which is not used in Australia.

ZFEs are not unique to France

Journalist Michael Kebicki, writing these papers, gives his own example. He first heard about the Crit’Air sticker when he arrived in Rouen, Normandy, driving a rented Citro├źn C4 in Amsterdam.

A chance to account for what he calls the LEZ (Low Emission Zone). If the latter are present in France, there is no shortage of them in other European countries. The journalist thus mentions Germany, Belgium, Italy and Spain.

“Don’t drive in cities”

Faced with these many problems and the fact that municipalities are trying to drive cars off their walls, the author of the papers also proposes a solution: “Don’t drive in cities”In other words, “Don’t drive in cities”.

According to him, driving in the city in Europe is guaranteed “Kill the fun you’re having while driving”. The concept of driving pleasure is something that eludes many politicians in our region. He concludes by giving advice to do “To Your Vehicle Rental Operator” Or “Leave it in a parking lot on the outskirts of town.”

One thing is for sure: EPZs are clearly not making headlines. And they are as criticized by foreigners and stranded tourists as by locals.

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French low-emission zones (ZFEs) are popular as far away as Australia. A journalist decided to write on this topic which upsets local and foreign tourists who are stuck with various rules and their application.