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Australia filmed shark chase

Australia filmed shark chase

Equipped with a drone, an Australian was able to capture a rare sight: a shark chasing a crocodile in the clear waters of the Wessel Islands.

A few weeks ago, a photo went around the world. We were able to see A crocodile swallows a shark Ann South Africa. The reptile is one year old, the shark is a young. So the fight was lost in advance. But a question arose: What would have happened if the crocodile had encountered an adult shark?

Thanks we seem to have a part of the answer Duncan Brocci. A few days ago, the Australian was in the Wessel Islands north of the Northern Territory of Australia. Equipped with a drone he was able to film a spectacular scene: the encounter between a shark and a Crocodile Adults.

In the video we can see the shark, probably one புலிச்சுறா, Famous for its unpredictability and aggression, stay close and close following reptiles. The crocodile, on the other hand, seems to do everything to avoid a collision, and takes refuge in the rocks. This is because when two large predators meet, they often try to avoid a fight without getting seriously injured.

“I took a few pictures of the crocodile automatically, thought that was it, and then the shark appeared. I attacked the storage and tried to follow them without too much panic!”, Duncan trusted Protsey Daily Mail Australia.

Before proceeding: “We were probably about 10 meters away, but could only see the drone shots because of the glare of the water. Shark The crocodile was so close, so I thought something might happen, but he might be skeptical! “.

For good reason! The shark may be a formidable predator, but the crocodile has the most powerful jaw in the animal kingdom.

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