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An angry diner is searching for a family of 12 who ran away without paying

An angry diner is searching for a family of 12 who ran away without paying

A restaurant in Cornwall, UK, took to social media to denounce a family of 12, including several children, who allegedly snuck out of the restaurant last week when it was time to pay, simply by having the waitress turn her back.

“These 12 people dined with us between 2pm and 4pm today and then left without paying. “No mistake, accounted for and proven by full camera coverage,” the Britannia Inn restaurant confirmed on Facebook on Sunday, it said. The Sun newspaper.

On Saturday, the table of 12 would have enjoyed a hearty meal, including 10 pints of beer, a steak, two large lasagnes and several plates and desserts for the children before taking off, leaving behind an unpaid bill of £260.50 – the equivalent of over From 435 Canadian dollars – according to British media.

According to what one staff member told MailOnline, the crime was ‘clearly planned’, with the group ‘watching and waiting for staff to leave the room for 45 seconds before everyone ran for the door’. “the sun”.

“When the waitress came back, they were all gone. They pretended to take the kids to the playground in the park, but they simply left. They didn’t order the biggest or most expensive meals, or anything that would trigger a red light.”

Following its publication in an attempt to find the perpetrators of the crime, the restaurant obtained the names of the individuals involved, before filing a complaint with the police, according to what “The Sun” reported.

Recently, the Daily Mail reported a notable rise in the number of diners leaving without paying in the UK, which it attributed to the rising cost of living. And just on Sunday, a group of seven people reportedly fled, leaving behind a bill for £489 – about $825 Canadian dollars – in Ashford in the country’s southeast.

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