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Ambassador of Mutualité Française Occitanie

Ambassador of Mutualité Française Occitanie

My Health Space is a personal and secure digital space, provided by health insurance and the Ministry of Health, which aims to become the digital health record for all policyholders.

This new reliable digital service allows everyone to control their health data, store and share all documents and information useful for their medical monitoring with healthcare professionals.

In addition to the medical file, it provides access to secure messages, in addition to… Catalog of health services and applications Referred by public services and, ultimately, to the medical agenda. Everything everyone needs to facilitate their daily medical monitoring.

As a partner of the system. Mutualité Française Occitanie is committed to working together with health insurance, by training prevention and health promotion teams, to raise awareness and disseminate the service in the region.. The mission of the ambassadors will be to inform and train citizens on the My Health Space and support citizens towards independence and taking charge of their digital health space.

What features are already available?

From your computer or smartphone, you can already find in my health space:

  • for you History of care reimbursed by health insuranceTo find the effect of treatment;
  • Subordinate Personal prevention advice Depending on your age and gender;
  • the Documents related to your admission to hospital Deposited directly by your health care organization if it offers it;
  • for you Vaccinations Provided by your doctor if suggested or by your health insurance for Covid vaccinations. You can also take advantage of the personalized vaccination schedule that allows you to do this Learn about the following vaccinations that should be done ;
  • for you Analysis of the results It is provided by your laboratory or by the national screening system SIDEP to obtain Covid test results;
  • Ability to register Your medical file (your personal and family history, treatments, allergies, hospitalizations, etc.) to simply share with healthcare professionals during a future appointment;
  • Ability to register Your health documents To find them easily. You can categorize them into files but you can also link them by creating a link with sections of your medical profile;
  • If your healthcare professionals agree to this, The ability to exchange messages and attachments with them securelyH;
  • Possibility Make a document visible or hide a document from healthcare professionals. You are always notified when a healthcare professional reviews one of your documents.
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