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After covid, a new epidemic is spreading across the country…

The influenza epidemic continues to spread in France. It has now reached almost the entire city, including Ile-de-France, where it is resuming work after its fall in early 2022, according to a report provided by the Public Health Agency.

Last week was marked with ‘Sharp rise in all flu indicators’ In mainland France, the Public Health Organization of France confirms, specifying that, now, All regions Governorate affectedepidemic, except for Corsica”.

The whole city is affected by the flu

This concerns the Paris region, which was hit by the epidemic as early as the end of 2021, experienced a decline at the beginning of the year and is no longer considered to be in an epidemic period. She was back there again this week. Outside mainland France, Guyana is also affected by the influenza pandemic, but other sections have survived.

This rise in influenza is unusually late. In recent years, the peak of the epidemic measured by the advisory rate relative to the population occurred in February.

Influenza decreased during pregnancy

Winter 2020-2021 was set, Wave Containment measures against Covid-19. They also made it possible to curb many other epidemics such as the influenza virus. But the French, who are less affected than usual, are also collectively less fortified, which has led to the resumption of the epidemic this winter.

This remains, however, below the levels observed in 2019-2020, just before Covid-19, and especially in 2018-2019 when the epidemic was severe.

The French were distinguished by the epidemic

In recent months, in Objeko, we have had the opportunity several times to talk to you about the Covid pandemic. This unprecedented health crisis was marked by French and the French. As of the spring of 2020, the first confinement decree was issued. Starting in China, the Covid-19 epidemic spread very quickly in Europe.

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In the stores, locals rushed into the stores in anticipation of this moment. Panic was in people’s minds. The confinement He lived fairly well because some were in small town apartments, and some were in townhouses. Schools were closed and to relocate, I needed certificates. The caregivers were busy taking care of many patients. Every evening, on the TV newscast, an accurate quantitative assessment was given.

Restaurant owners and event dealers have suffered greatly from this crisis. A very generous aid has been given, it is partial unemployment. Emmanuel Macron, President of the Republic had a formula “at all costs”. Furthermore, there were some abuse and People They pretended to be professionals and were able to touch aids they shouldn’t touch. A real scandal but checks have been done.

The defining moment in this crisis was the arrival of vaccines. For several months, researchers worked to make a vaccine. Pfizer was the first lab to develop the vaccine. Vaccination centers should be organized in a priority order. After that, a health permit was issued.

This made it possible to reopen restaurants and places of culture. After that, the vaccination card was drawn up. Some people opposed the vaccination card and opposed vaccination in general. Demonstrations were held at regular intervals. On social networks, various theses are circulated that are sometimes wrong. It is not easy for citizens to get information on a daily basis. Public media with large newsrooms remain the most reliable for information in good conditions in France.

In the coming weeks and months, Objeko will not fail to bring you the political and social news. for us journalists They are mobilized to inform you on a daily basis.

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