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abnormal.  Les Dômes Nature, a new space to promote the nature reserve of Les Contamines-Montjoie

abnormal. Les Dômes Nature, a new space to promote the nature reserve of Les Contamines-Montjoie

Open since mid-August, the Dômes Nature site is an original project spearheaded by Asters (Institute of Natural Regions of Haute-Savoie and Director of the Nature Reserve), in partnership with EDF, Contamines-Montjoie City Council and the Community of Municipalities. These domes are located in Notre-Dame de la Gorge, at the level of the large car park, and are clearly visible from the road. It is geodesically designed as a base camp, in a wooden structure, with perfect integration with the landscape.

Each of the domes has a specific function. The smallest of these serves as a reception bar and refreshments for visitors and has a shop where you can buy, among other things, books about mountain nature, postcards, as well as friendly stuffed bearded eagles. The other two domes are larger (about 30 m2 ), and are linked by a pedestrian bridge, accessible to persons with limited mobility. Caroline Gehunt, environmental educator at the Contamines-Montjoie Reserve, recommends starting the visit with a visit dedicated to glaciers and hydropower. And she adds, “Thus, you specify, we start from the top of the reserve, with an environment of rocks and ice, and then, in the second dome, we discover the other environments of the nature reserve.”

Thus, in this first dome, thanks to a photographic and illustrative scenography embedded in the isosceles triangles of the structure, the visitor learns about the cycle and the role of water while following in particular the Tre la glacier. -The head is unfortunately in a very strong state of deterioration, and its hydroelectric function.

New features introduced in Sept

As for the second dome, it takes the audience to the swamps, mountain pastures, lakes and forests of the reserve, to get acquainted with the mountain flora and fauna. Very beautiful pictures that show this natural heritage where the wolf is now calling itself.

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To complete the information and make it more fun, the educational furniture will be installed in September, with four units per dome. Visitors, young and old, will be able to fool around, play games, watch videos or hear testimonials from players in the reserve such as glaciers or shelter keepers.

Thus, the new reception area of ​​the nature reserve is integrated with the one in the center of the village, which is the nature area at the top, where many activities are held during the summer and winter seasons.

The three natural domes of the Notre Dame de la George Valley will be open from May to October to welcome tourists and hikers.