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A young woman bitten by a shark in Florida, repeated attacks

A young woman bitten by a shark in Florida, repeated attacks

Sharks increase in Florida, as are attacks, such as the young woman who was a victim.

A 17-year-old American girl fishing for shellfish in the Gulf of Mexico, northwest Florida, was attacked by a wild shark in the right leg. The monster initially released its victim, before resuming the attack again.

Then the young woman’s brother, a 22-year-old firefighter, fought with the animal in an attempt to free his sister from her claws, and managed to scare him.

He then loaded his sister onto the boat and gave her first aid before taking her to the hospital. We don’t know at the moment if his leg can be cured.

According to many experts, it appears that “there is no more at the moment, but we are giving them more,” explains Marie Poupart, a TVA collaborator in Florida.

New technologies and technical advances make it possible to better indicate and account for the number of accidents.

She added that in Florida, however, we find the largest number of attacks since “in 2020-21, there were 73 shark attacks in the world, including 47 in the United States, and of these 47 attacks, 28 were in Florida.”

Several measures must be taken to avoid being attacked:

1) Don’t swim alone

2) Always swim near the beach

3) Do not swim in the early morning or late at night

4) Do not swim near schools of fish

5) Don’t wear jewelry

In the event of an attack, you must:

1) The degree of eye contact

2) Slowly get out of the water

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3) Hit him on the muzzle