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'A tremendous message of hope': Neurologist believes in Celine Dion's possible comeback

'A tremendous message of hope': Neurologist believes in Celine Dion's possible comeback

A neurologist begins to believe that Celine Dion's return to the stage is possible thanks to her persistence, which may offer a message of hope to patients suffering from the same disease.

He added: “When this diagnosis was announced, I was very skeptical, and the more things progressed, the more we saw its determination, the more we began to believe it.” Dr. Julian J. said: “I really hope that this is a demonstration of the strength and will that will be absolutely tremendous,” said Kavanagh, assistant professor of neuroscience at Emory University Hospital.

However, the neurologist explains that access to care from which the singer would certainly benefit could play an important role, if a return becomes possible.

“This must also be acknowledged [elle est] “In conditions of access to care with a team that is undoubtedly close to it, in conditions that most patients cannot access, this is undoubtedly what will play a role,” he explained on the program “Le Belan”.

Still, Dr. Kavanagh, who is also a Celine fan, sees reason for optimism: “It will be a tremendous message of hope for all the patients with this disease whose lives have been greatly affected.”

The documentary, which will be released on Prime on June 25, traces the singer's battle and highlights the illness that kept her off the stage for several years: Stiff Person Syndrome.

“It is a disease of the central nervous system, where the instructions that allow the muscles to relax do not come at the brain level. […] The specialist explained that if the muscles that were relaxing are no longer able to relax, we become completely stiff.

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