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Gilbert Rosen's lawsuit against Julie Snyder and Penelope McQuade will proceed

Gilbert Rosen’s lawsuit against Julie Snyder and Penelope McQuade will proceed

The appeals court rejected the application of the two women who wanted the case against them to be considered as being from the Sierra Leone People’s Party. The eight-page ruling was handed down Friday by Judge Mark Schrager.

Ms. Snyder and Ms. McQuaid first spoke to the Quebec Supreme Court to stop the proceedings immediately. However, Judge Yves Poirier rejected their request on January 25, considering that the request was not There is no reasonable chance of success.

Claiming legal errors, Ms. Snyder and Ms. McQuaid asked the Quebec Court of Appeals for leave to appeal this ruling. They were fired on Friday, after Judge Schrager ruled she was not there There are no reviewable errors as such.

This means that Gilbert Rozon’s defamation suit can be heard on the merits.

Just for Laughs founder slams Julie Snyder and Penelope McQuade for asking them to take part in the show week 4 Julie On September 29, 2020, he committed non-consensual sexual acts towards them – allegations the manager in question vehemently denies.

The clip was broadcast days before the start of the criminal trial of the businessman, who at the time was accused of sexually assaulting another woman, Annick Sharett, in 1980. Finally acquitted in December 2020.

Dismissed arguments

Ms. Snyder and Ms. McQuaid argued in their motion, among other things, that the lawsuit against Gibert Rosen was intended to The main objective From Restrictions on their freedom of expression as well as that of “other alleged victims”.

However, Judge Schrager noted in his decision thatDoes not appear […] That the applicants or “other victims” have already suffered from the violation of their freedom of expression After filing a lawsuit, since then Several lawsuits have been filed against the defendant alleging sexual assault where.

It is therefore difficult for me to conclude, at first glance, that the freedom of expression of the applicants or even of others is limited. »

Quote from Excerpt from the judgment of the Court of Appeal

Furthermore, the judge notes that it does not appear from the file that Ms. Snyder and Ms. McQuade Facing unequal power relations, a criterion for determining SLAPP. Moreover, it is not claimed by applicantshe adds.

To persuade the Court of Appeals to invalidate the Supreme Court’s decision, Julie Snyder also argued that she would be prejudiced if Gilbert Rozon’s procedure on the merits was heard, as she would then be questioned on the subject of delicate or sensitive And that copies of this interrogation may be announced.

On this subject, Judge Vacancy replies in his ruling: if […] Secrecy has become a concern, certain means can be put in place to protect the interests of litigants, including Ms. Snyder.

But I noticed that the allegedly defamatory words were made by her during a television broadcast; They have already been released publiclyhe wrote.

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