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A Lesson in Empathy: Aggressive client gets two months…in his victim’s shoes

A Lesson in Empathy: Aggressive client gets two months…in his victim’s shoes

An aggressive Ohio customer who attacked a restaurant employee by throwing food in her face was able to trade a two-month prison sentence for walking in her victim’s shoes to learn empathy.

β€œWould you like to walk somewhere [la victime] For two months you learn how people should treat others, or do you want to serve your prison sentence? Judge Timothy Gilligan presented it to him this week, CBS News reported on Wednesday.

Last week, American Rosemary Hine was convicted of assault after she was filmed without her knowledge throwing an entire meal in the face of a young Chipotle employee, Emily Russell, 26.

But if the judge had initially sentenced the woman to 180 days in prison, accompanied by a 90-day suspended sentence, the judge changed his mind by offering instead the aggressive agent to take her victim’s place, working for two months as an “office” employee. The fast food chain is struggling behind the scenes.

β€œI asked myself: Why should the city taxpayers have to pay for her and feed her 90 days in jail if I can teach her the meaning of compassion,” the judge told Fox station WJW.

Thus, Rosemary Hine will have to work 20 hours a week behind the counter for two months, which corresponds to only a small fraction of the hours her victim was working at the time of the attack, the latter noted in an interview with CBS MoneyWatch.

β€œShe is lucky because she works only 20 hours a week, while I worked 65 hours a week,” the young woman said, although she was satisfied with the development of events. No one should be subjected to any physical attack. It’s okay to have a bad day, but don’t do something like that.”

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