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A great example of what a small screen can be used for

A great example of what a small screen can be used for

However, I wasn't in mood Favorable for watching the program that followed voice on TVA last Sunday. I'm tired from my week at work and getting ready to start another one too rough. I was about to go to bed when I realized it was Roxanne Bruno's testimony about the ups and downs in her mental health.

Against my will, the words of this author, composer, and performer, who I knew was one of my daughter’s favorite stars, caught my attention. So I stuck with it television Throughout the interview. I couldn't believe how similar her anxiety issues were to those of my 22 year old daughter who had been battling the same demons for several years.

But unlike Roxanne, my daughter doesn't want to do anything to address her unhappiness, not even take medication, confining herself to an attitude of refusal to care that disappoints me.

The next day, while tiptoeing so as not to rush her, I suggested to my daughter that she watch the show on TVA+. Which I did in the following days. I don't know what it's going to look like in the long run, but my daughter told me it's on her mind and the fact that she hears Roxanne explain her reality so simply gives her hope to get through it. Just being told that lifted my spirits, because I fear so much for my daughter's future.

Hope stays alive

Yes, hope keeps us alive, and when someone we respect instills it in us, there's a good chance it will make its way into our subconscious. Just like an example is worth a thousand words!

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