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A disabled girl was allegedly gang-raped in a Starbucks bathroom

A disabled girl was allegedly gang-raped in a Starbucks bathroom

A disabled teenager was allegedly gang-raped by a group of students from her school in the bathroom of a Starbucks in Pittsburgh.

According to the civil lawsuit filed by the teenager's mother against several parties, including the school and Starbucks, three boys lured the victim outside the school grounds before attacking her in the cafe.

The teens then allegedly took her to an empty building where one of them continued the attack.

Alec Wright, the family's lawyer, explained: “The school failed in its responsibility to provide a safe environment for my client.”

The teenager, with an IQ of 60, is often left alone in the first months of the school year. The latter often hid in the school toilets during lessons.

Starbucks employees allegedly saw the youths entering the bathroom with the victim and did not intervene, we learn in the lawsuit.

“Starbucks was unable to protect my client when it learned that one of its establishments was the scene of criminal activity,” the attorney said.

“Once we learned of these allegations, we acted quickly to assist law enforcement in the investigation,” a Starbucks representative said.

The lawsuit also targets the owner of the vacant building.

It was the school that informed the victim's mother of the spread of a rumor that three boys had had sexual relations with her daughter.

A police department spokesman said the case was closed and no prosecution would be initiated.

According to information received from New York Post