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93rd Academy Awards |  Painful presentation

93rd Academy Awards | Painful presentation

The Oscars, which was broadcast live Sunday night from Union Station in Los Angeles, celebrated a lineup of highly deserving winners (long live Chloe Chow, Frances McDormand and Bedouin !). But the never-ending speeches, the cruel lack of rhythm, the winners spread across several continents, the virtual absence of movie clips, the less-watched works and the fishtail ending (best actors after the best movie ?!) led to an extremely agonizing television show. The most boring Oscars ever? I wasn’t there in 1934, but it is possible.

Mark CassifyMark Cassify

Idea by George Floyd

Without a presenter, the evening began to enter the cinematic scene. Regina King, Actress and Director One night in MiamiUnion Station arrived with a firm step, as if filming the scene of a Stephen Soderberg movie Oceans 21. From the start I talked about the social climate in recent months in the United States. “We mourn the death of so many people. If things had gone differently this week in Minneapolis, I would have exchanged my high boots for walking shoes,” referring to the trial of Derek Chauvin, a former police officer convicted of the murder of George Floyd. Of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, she said: “As a mother of a black son, I know the fear so many people live, and neither money nor fame can change that.”


Director Steven Soderberg called in to promote the Oscars, promising that it wouldn’t look like a reunion Zoom in Among more or less well-known classmates. He kept his word. The evening’s more relaxed and intimate atmosphere, with the layout of the round tables, evoked those of the Golden Globes. On the other hand, there was a dire shortage of clippings to highlight films, and the tempo was often missing. We presented a short World Vision documentary before presenting a humanitarian award, in a setting resembling the lobby of a Days Inn. In this process, a manager parasiteBong Joon-ho from Seoul presented the five finalists for the Academy Award for Best Achievement. Along. In Korean. With an interpreter. I don’t dare imagine how many viewers have to be removed at this very moment.

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# The black lives movement is important

Speeches with social and political flavor dominated this evening, as award winners weren’t cut with the usual ritornello. On average, police kill three people a day in the United States, which adds up to about 1,000 a year. Travon Free, an Oscar winner, remembers for a short fictional film about Two distant stork, Original and disturbing work, quoting James Baldwin and pleading with everyone to be less indifferent. “Thanks to our ancestors, who were refused places, but never gave up,” announced the first black Oscar winner for Best Fashion and Makeup, Mia Neal, for Bottom of what renny black. “Someday she’ll be a black trans woman on this platform, and she won’t be extraordinary or revolutionary. It’ll just be normal.”

Laughed and cried

She was awesome, Yoo Jong Eun, would pick her Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for equally cool the threat. “I’m happier than you!” She told the participants of her final qualifiers. It should be American hospitality to Koreans. Thanks my kids for pushing me to work! At the other end of the emotional spectrum is Danish director Thomas Winterberg, winner of the Academy Award for Best International Film about Alcohol meterShe talked about the death of her 19-year-old daughter in a car accident, two months before filming began. “We miss and love her,” he said very moved. It had to be in the movie. Maybe she’s here with us clapping. This award is for her. It is a miracle. You are part of this miracle. My father’s heart sank.

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Without mask

During the entire ceremony, there was no talk of a pandemic. As if COVID-19 was just a fictional catastrophe. Regina King confirmed that all finalists were vaccinated, tested and retested, early in the evening. Angela Bassett spoke about the victims of the pandemic for a short time at the end of the party, in a very staged show about the missing this year. All protocols were also respected, as was the case in the movie set. Actress Frances McDormand, a pre-eternal rebel, decided to keep her face covered throughout the party, perhaps to remind everyone that we are not out of the woods. What we didn’t guess at during the incredible concert music director’s audition, Questlove, and Glenn Close’s swinging hips.