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28 measles cases in Quebec: Hospitals on alert

28 measles cases in Quebec: Hospitals on alert

Measles continues to spread in Quebec, with 28 cases recorded in the province since the beginning of the year.

Many hospitals in particular decided to require everyone to wear masks in order to slow the spread of the virus.

Posters have also been installed in hospitals, such as St. Justine's, to raise awareness of measles symptoms.

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Some institutions also use negative pressure rooms to treat measles cases to protect the most vulnerable.

“For someone with a weak immune system, it is not certain that the vaccine will work well,” notes Laval’s Director of Public Health, Dr. Jean-Pierre Trepanier. That is why we want to vaccinate the majority of the population.”

The country's measles vaccination rate rose from 85.7% in 2013 to 79.2% in 2021.

To achieve universal immunity, this percentage of the population must reach 95%.

“It is true that it is a matter of concern, especially for a disease that is highly transmissible and easily preventable through vaccination,” says epidemiologist Dr. Nima Maashouf.

Experts want to avoid a pandemic like the one in 2011, when nearly 800 cases were recorded in Quebec.

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