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$1,800 for a “ministerial meeting” with foie gras in the office of André Laforest: PLQ accuses CAQ of mismanagement of public funds

$1,800 for a “ministerial meeting” with foie gras in the office of André Laforest: PLQ accuses CAQ of mismanagement of public funds

The Liberals denounced spending $1,800 on a cocktail containing foie gras, and accused the CAQ government of “running away” and mismanaging public funds.

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In March 2023, the office of Minister André Laforest was keen to “combine business with pleasure” by inviting 70 deputies and members of the political staff to a “ministerial meeting” to eat profiteroles with foie gras and a glass of wine.

The company demanded $1,472 from the vault at The Hobbit restaurant for appetizers such as Yorkshire pudding and tataki. He also paid more than $300 to rent wine glasses and tablecloths.

Minister André Laforest would personally pay for the bottles of wine to hold a “ministerial meeting” of the 70 deputies and political staff present.

“Another very clear evidence of mismanagement of public funds by CAQ members. $1,800 a meal, which includes foie gras… Sometimes we have meetings, but it's in St. Hubert. The leader of the official opposition, Moncef Darraji, said, calling on Minister Laforest to clarify: “Sorry, I am making an announcement, but that is because they are the fastest and most effective.”

“Why was there foie gras? Why did you decide to gather 70 people? Was there a party that we didn't know about? So I invite them to be more careful.” […] We don't even know who was there. Who was at this meeting? What was the agenda? What is the goal? Member argued for Nelligan.

“This is where we see the government completely ignoring it,” he added.

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When asked, Minister of Municipal Affairs Andre Laforest did not respond to journalists' questions.

He had never seen anything like it before

For his part, PQ Pascal Bérubé, who was Minister of Tourism, confirmed that he had never witnessed such a ministerial meeting before. “It's more glamorous” today, he said.

“A ministerial meeting is often made up of ministerial committees, ministers and cabinet directors. So do deputy ministers. Then there is a file that we will work on to reach a recommendation to the Council of Ministers. Usually, this takes place in a fairly formal setting, in the building next door. “That's how it works,” he said.

“There is no food in the committees […] “I've never seen anything like this.”

During ministerial meetings, Treasury Board regulations stipulate “reimbursement for meal expenses only during travel.”

The Matane-Matapédia member admits that this information meeting “piqued his interest,” because only CAQ members were invited.

He asked: “Why do we invite representatives to brief, only members of the government, and not members of the opposition?” He said: “This is not the first time that ministers have excluded opposition representatives.”

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